Become a Valuable Person!

How can you provide value to the world and to other people?


Easy – Become A Valuable Person!


This is one way that you can do that:


I sent an email to people who signed up for my Free Training asking them if there was anything that can I help them with.


I got a reply from my friend Kahlil Cheeks asking:

“how can I create an autoresponder sequence providing content for a road assistance company?”


I will answer this question on this blog post since I send it to my email subscribers and someone else may have the same question.


Step 1

Create a list of problems that may arise while driving a vehicle on the road.


Step 2

Create a list of the services that your company provides


Step 3

Match the solution with the problem.


Step 4

Create a story email based on the list above using the PAS technique.


Step 5

Give a strong CTA at the end of your email.


Step 6

Create at least 7 email follow up. People need to be exposed to a product or service at least 7 times before they can make a buying decision.






That sounds like a mouthful! Believe me, is NOT.


Here is an example of how to do it:

Problem – disabled vehicle in the middle of the road in a rainy night!

Solution – Towing up to 100 miles

A story using the PAS techniqueHERE is a great example from the company.

P.A.S. Technique – Talk about a Problem, Agitate the problem (make it look BIGGER), Provide YOUR Solution.

CTA- Call To Action:  “Protect yourself and your family on the road from now on by selecting one of our affordable plans now HERE!



As you can see, it is not too difficult to create your own email sequence. You can do it!



Going back to the main point of becoming a valuable person…


This is how you become valuable!


Perhaps you know a little (or a lot) more than other people behind you and you can provide value by answering their questions. Don’t you ever think too little of yourself, you will be doing a disservice if you don’t share that information.


There you go, in this blog post I gave you 2 great “how-tos”:

  1. How to Create an email sequence for an autoresponder
  2. How to become a valuable person


When you provide value, people will seek you out, they will like, know and trust you. You will be creating rapport with them and when you recommend a tool, service or opportunity, they will buy.


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Here is the quote of the day, be sure to share it (sharing is caring!):

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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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