“The Blind Leading The Blind Effect” – What is it?

Have you ever heard of “The Blind Leading The Blind Effect”?


In this video, I tell you what  “The Blind Leading The Blind Effect” is and how NOT to fall for it.



In the first part of the video I mention about the “thing” that I’m doing to sponsor people into my business (that works!) and I mention about the link to check it out, so here it is.

Right in the middle of the video I break down “The Blind Leading The Blind Effect”

And lastly, In the last part of the video, I give you 3 tips that you can implement right now to have results in your business.


Please do NOT teach people things that are NOT working for you. Be a good steward of education and teach things that are actually giving you results! You will be much more appreciated in that way and you’ll have a following that will be loyal to you.



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