How To Come Up With Daily Content.

Are you having trouble coming up with content for your social media on a daily basis?



I had and I found the way to do it while becoming a person of value at the same time.



I made the post of the day on my blog and sent it to my readers via email.

One of my readers asked me:

“Francisco, do you create your own content every day?

I answered:


He asked again:

“How do you come up with it?”

I reply:

“I read every day, listen to a podcast, watch training, attend webinars, join live conference calls, etc.

All that information gives me ideas to talk about on my blog.”




In this blog post, I will give you 3 examples of how to come up with daily content.



Example #1

Every day, try to “look” for the life lesson of the day.

I was talking to my wife the other night, we had a little pebble on the table and it looked so nice.

She asked: “what is the pebble for or what is it doing on the table?”

I answered her:

“I read in a book that a guy offered his best friend a pebble and told him before handing it to him… “I want you to keep this pebble in your pocket at all times, every time that you come in contact with the pebble for any reason, I want you to stop whatever you doing in that moment and think of one thing that you are grateful for and give thanks for it right there and then”

His friend accepted the pebble and committed to following the instructions.

After a while, the friend who received the pebble called the friend who gave the pebble and asked him:

“would it be possible for you to send me 2 more pebbles?”

The friend said:

“of course, may I ask why you need 2 more pebbles?”

to which he answered:

“I met a father and a son, the son is going thru very bad health issues and he is in the hospital, his father is keeping an eye on him”

“When you gave me that pebble, which now I call it “the gratitude pebble”, it gave me so much more appreciation for life. I became more aware of the blessings around me and I starting feeling more and more gratitude.”

“The father of that boy, is a good friend of mine and he noticed that I was stopping whatever I was doing when I came in touch with my “gratitude pebble”, he asked why I did it and when I explained it, he asked if he could have 2 pebbles, one for him and one for his son.”

“and that is why I’m asking you for that very special favor”- he finished.

“Yes” – the other friend said

“I will send you 2 special pebbles soon.”


Then he went by the riverbed and started looking for 2 special pebbles that he can send his friend. He was able to find them!

He wrapped them and send them


After a while, the friend who sent the pebbles called his friend and asked: “Whatever happened to the pebbles?”

The other friend answered: “I gave it to my friend and he gave one to his son while explaining the same instructions that you told me.”

“they followed the instructions and just as me, they found peace and happiness. The boy got a lot better soon after that and now, they are selling “gratitude pebbles” for $5 per pebble. LOL”


My wife was surprised about the story, then I proceed to “hand her” the pebble while giving her the same instructions!


As you can see in this example, I read about this pebble and when the topic came to the table I was able to deliver a story. Now, with THAT story, I was able to deliver it to YOU my dear reader on this lines.  😉



Example #2

Learn the lesson provided on your activities.

I’ve been dealing with a security system at work. The system itself works fine while “viewing” the cameras, but the player in a different location has not been able to “see” all the cameras on the screen.


I’ve been troubleshooting this issue for a while with no positive results.


I kept on searching for the solution online. I read a post in a forum that explained the procedure to fix the specific problem I had with the cameras.

I applied the procedure, and it worked!

After so many times trying to fix the problem, after so many procedures that I applied and didn’t work, after so much research, I finally was able to fix it.

This specific problem gave me the opportunity to practice my resourcefulness, patience, and persistence – always keep on pushing even when defeated several times.


As you can see in this example, I used what I’ve learned to show a “life lesson” and I could of make a blog post about this issue alone highlighting the benefits I obtained from it.



Example #3

Learn lessons that you can apply in your life.

I read in a book this morning about the importance of time. A father and son owned a construction company. The father made an appointment with a potential partner.

The “potential partner” came to the meeting 5 minutes before the time of the meeting. The son was already in the office, but his dad wasn’t.

5 minutes after the meeting the potential partner got up and ready to go…

The son told the potential partner that his dad will be there anytime soon.

to which the potential partner replied: “Either you are early or late, your father is late and my time is very valuable. Have him give me a call if he would like to re-schedule”


15 minutes after the scheduled meeting the father came in and his son told him what happened.

and it just happens that the father was being a “little” casual with his time that morning.

The father was NEVER later on his meetings with the potential partner after that!


As you can see with this example, I can give you a story that will teach you a lesson about time. How we could see that time as not important and how other people can see it as their most valuable possession… and I can write a blog post about it.  😉



I gave you 3 examples to get your “creative juices” flowing, I also mentioned what I do to come up with my own content, the question for you is…

When are you going to start?



Here is the quote of the day. Be sure to tweet it!

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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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