Dating and Marketing – What?

Do you know what is the relationship between Marketing and Dating?


They are similar!


Let me explain…


One definition of “courting”

be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying”



When you are dating, the final goal of dating is to find the “right one”. The person who you want to spend the rest of your life with.


You do this by first meeting the girl/boy, then by getting to know each other (courting stage) going to movies, going out to eat and spend time doing things that both of you like to do. If you find that boy/girl is the one, then you “pop the question” get engaged and finally married.


As you can see, there is a process a couple goes thru before getting married. The quality of their “courting stage” will be the factor that decides how long they stay together.

If the courting stage was based purely on physical satisfaction, and one of the couples start to slow down, perhaps the second person is going to look for “that” in someone else.

If the courting stage was based on principles, feelings, communication, real connection, things that matter. Then the marriage tends to last… forever!


You cannot take shortcuts in the courting process, you cannot jump from just meeting the girl/boy to get down on your knee and proposing. That just DOESN’T happen!


Another definition of courting:

“pay special attention to (someone) in an attempt to win their support or favor”



The objective of marketing is to have someone become interested in your products or services (lead), to nurture the relationship with that person (follow up = courting stage) and finally to sell your products to that person.


Let me ask you a question…

When you go to an electronic store to buy a TV with your friend, the salesman recommends one brand, but your friend recommends another one, who do you listen to?

If you are like me, I listen to my friend, because I trust him/her. The salesman may be recommending something more expensive to make a bigger commission on the sale.


Most marketers online (I hope you are not) just want to get a lead and sell their products and services immediately!

Is like skipping the “courting stage” while dating, that just DOESN’T happen!


You have to “court” your leads by follow up with them. You provide value into their lives, they get to know you, your value provides solutions to their problems and when you promote your products and services, they buy from you!

This is known online as the “Like, Know, Trust Factor” Or Rapport


Recommended read:

The Like, Know and Trust Factor – aka Rapport


This process of following up takes time, content and consistency. The good thing about doing this process online is that you can use tools to help you with the following (nurturing your leads).

One MUST have tool for every marketer online is the famous “Autoresponder”

Which is a software designed to help you keep your leads in one place, communicate with them through newsletters (email blast) that you do once in a while, and by “pre-loading” a sequence of messages that will be sent to your leads in your behalf whether you are sleeping or sipping “pina colada” in the beach!


These are the autoresponders that I recommend:

GetResponse – FREE 30 day trial
Aweber – FREE 30 day trial



As you can see, Dating and Marketing are very similar. There is a process for both of them and there is no way that you can skip on the elements of that process.



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