Determination – The Undefeated Champion!

Have you ever been determined to achieve a goal no matter how long it takes?


I have, several times, and succeeded at it!



A little while back, I wrote a post about my friend LT Turner. He wanted to participate in our morning call. His schedule didn’t allow him to be “live” on the call but he was determined to “participate”!


He was able to achieve that goal! 

Read how he did it here:
Where There’s A Wheel There Is A Way!


So, my recent story about determination is this…


I was very determined to add a “code” to my blog which will allow me to provide a training to whoever visits my site, this training will be delivered via Facebook messenger.


The problem was the website wasn’t allowing the code to be implemented. So, I contacted the website support and have them give me a hand. We stayed troubleshooting this issue for about 2 hours and at the end, the support tech told me that we wouldn’t be able to do it.


But, oh boy I was determined to get it done.


I continued researching for a different way to get it done. The other way was to install the “code” in the background of the site by using a program to connect to it.


I downloaded the program, connected to the “background” of the website and installed the “code”.


Whooohoooo! – Persistence triumphs again!


The results are great!


and my confidence level grew a LOT more  😉



You can see this “code” in action by visiting my blog page at:

Or any of my blog posts



While you are there, Be sure to grab the “Advanced Recruiting Internet Bootcamp” that comes up with the “code” 🙂



The lesson for today is:

If you have the determination to get something done, you back it up with knowledge, resourcefulness, and action, for sure you will accomplish your goal.



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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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