Digging Your Own Well.

So, you create a funnel and are ready to sell your products or services. How do you get people to fill up the funnel?


I will let you know the answer in this blog post!


One of the best internet marketers and funnel genius is Russell Brunson. In his book “Expert Secrets” he talks about the concept of “Digging Your Own Well” which will allow you to generate traffic for your funnels.



He uses a strategy called “Dream 100”


I will break down the process of the “Dream 100” strategy here.

  1. Find the 100 influencers in YOUR niche.
  2. Make a list of 100 of them.
  3. Create a plan to connect with those 100 people. (Dig your Own Well Before You Are Thirsty)


Strategy #1

Follow the people on your list, send them a friend request, subscribe to their social media channels, and buy their products. Find out what they are doing and get to know them.


Strategy #2

Give them a platform to help them promote their products or services.

i.e. If you have a podcast, interview them. You’ll get to know them more and strengthen the relationship.


Strategy #3

Ask them what project they are working on that is the most important to them and figure out what extra value you can offer them to reach their goal.

Note. Because you created your own “Blue Ocean”, when complementing them with your offer/tool/service, the process should be a lot easier.


If you don’t know how to create your own “Blue Ocean”. Get Russell’s book HERE  and read the “Blue Ocean Strategy” on page 11.



While you are doing the Dream 100 strategy, you can start implementing the promotion strategy.


Promotion strategy #1

Focus hard on building the relationship. You could send them physical email every month followed by a phone call.


Promotion strategy #2

Promote to their fans and followers. You can use the help of Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc.


Promotion strategy #3

“Integration Marketing” – The idea is to integrate your offers into their natural sales funnel.


  • Have them place one of your products in the TY page of their funnel.
  • They add a P.S to their emails promoting your product/service/tool


As you can see, these strategies will give you all the traffic that you need to fill up your funnels. But, none of this strategies will work if you don’t work them!



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