How To Sell More!

Do you know how to sell more of your products or services?


In this blog post, I’m going to tell you how!


First of all, people have the tendency to “show and tell”, they like to show how they do things and why. Then they ask for the sale.


This is the wrong approach to take.


One of my mentors Vince Reed acknowledged that he has been leading with “value”, with the “how-to” and then, when asking for the sale, most people don’t buy because he already gave out the “goods”.


He used the following approach to his marketing:

How > What > Why


So, how do you sell more?


By switching the order to the approach above.*

What > Why and > How!


The “how” will become your product!


If you do a good job of presenting the what (problem/issue) and telling people why they have the problem, when you tell them that you have the solution (the how) for a price, they WILL buy it because they need it.


And that’s how you sell more!


Implement this simple strategy right away and watch your sales soar!


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– Francisco Hernandez

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  • * I’ve learned this strategy from Vince Reed. Because I’m part of his group “iLEADrs
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