Integrity OR A Quick Buck?

What do you prefer – To Have Integrity OR Make a Quick Buck?


In this video, I’ll give you my take on it and what I’ve chosen!



Making a quick buck is nice if you have the need for it, but it will hurt the relationships that you make online in the long run.

If you choose Integrity, you will be better off and that is a long-term strategy that will bring you great rewards.



Have you ever seen those people who friend you and then start sending you their links to buy their products so they can make a quick buck and they don’t even build rapport with you?

How much do you trust them afterwards?

What about if everytime they contact you is just to send you another “make money fast” gig?

Would you still be their friend?



The worst part of this scenario…

Is if you DO the same thing!



If you ask me about having Integrity OR A Quick Buck?


My advice is to always follow the golden rule!



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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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