The Morning Routine Of Success – “The Batter’s Box”

Do you ever prepare your mindset for a productive day?


I bet you don’t!


I heard this concept of “the batter’s box” from an 8 figure mentor Mark Hoverson.


He says “The baseball players need to be in the batter’s box and do at least 100 “cuts” – swings before they can even get in the game just to warm up”


“They need to get their mindset into the game, visualize, and get ready for it.”


Mark says “you have to prepare your mindset for the day, make your 100 swings, prepare for success”



Here is some of the advice that Mark Provides to prepare your mind in a very condensed way:

  1. Go take a 20-30 minute walk after waking up
  2. with every step you take, visualize that you are generating $____X_______ going into your bank account
  3. Read
  4. Watch “high” specialized training
  5. Listen to powerful audios (Motivation, energy, Tony Robbins, etc)


  • Create content while you are pumped up!
  • Follow up with your leads.



You can go to:
13 Super-Productivity Secrets

To listen to the rest of the 13 secrets or just click “play” below



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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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