Have you ever thought of quitting?


I have!


and not too long ago…


I had a fight with my wife over money. I bet most people do.


“you are spending money on your internet business and we are not getting a substantial return. You are spending more than what you’re making” – she said.


“You opened up several credit cards and now you have to come up with a way to pay them yourself from whatever you making online” – she added.


“Okay, I’ll do that!” – I replied.


I started thinking in the money that I didn’t have to pay those cards, I started getting discouraged for the lack of results that I’ve been having lately, and I even started thinking to quit my now journey of 4+ years building my business online!


Then, I remember that I read the book “Think And Grow Rich” from Napoleon Hill. – Mr. Darby quit digging when he was 3 feet from the vain of gold. The “junk” man who bought the digging equipment from Darby wasn’t an expert on the matter and he knew it. So, he contracted an expert to do calculations for him. That’s when he found the gold was JUST 3 feet away from the place Darby stopped digging!



Why am I telling you this?


I don’t know everything when it comes to online businesses. But I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work because I see the potential in it.


So my plan is simple:

To have someone who knows how to build a business give me a hand in finding what I’m doing wrong or what I’m not doing!



Sometimes we are limited on how far we can see, and when you invite someone else to look at your business from the outside, they can give you their opinion on what you can do to “steer” on the right direction.



Considering quitting? NOT an option!



  1. Because if I quit, I will throw in the trash all the work that I’ve ever put into my business.
  2. Because if I quit, I WON’T be in a better place than NOW.
  3. Because if I quit, I WILL regret it.
  4. Because if I quit, it will kill my soul.
  5. Because if I quit, it will be a wrong decision!



One of the things that I do every day, is to “count my blessings” and realize how fortunate I am. If I’m JUST having money issues, that is okay…

Because I know that my family and I are healthy – There are sooo many sick people in the world
Because we have all the parts of our body – So many people are missing some
Because we have food in our table 3 times a day – Some kids are eating “mud pies”  =(
Because the Lord gave us the gift of life and another beautiful day! – Some other people didn’t wake up today.


That makes me realize every day that I AM RICH already! Money is just something that comes and goes.



If you want a takeaway from this blog post, take this one:

“Focus ONLY on the positive and work towards your goals, find ways to solve your problems and NOT give up to them. Seek help when you need it”. – Francisco Hernandez



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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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