Have you ever had a problem that needed a fast resolution and you came up with the solution for it?


Congratulations my friend, that is called resourcefulness!


According to an online dictionary, the “Resourcefulness” definition is:

“the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.”


I want to give you an example of resourcefulness that my daughters taught me!


It was a hot day of summer…

I was watching a movie in the living room and my daughters wanted to make some money selling lemonade on the sidewalk for our neighbors.


They told me: “Papi (Spanish for daddy), can we set up a lemonade stand outside so we can make some money?”


I was feeling lazy that day to keep an eye on them while selling lemonade. So I told them “No”


My oldest daughter asked me “why not?”


And I had to come up with an excuse. So I told her “because it takes time to prepare and gather the required elements that you need to sell lemonade.”


so, she said “oh, okay.” and took off.  – I was already celebrating that I didn’t need to be outside in the heat keeping an eye on them! Whoohooo!


but then…


I saw them passing by me on their way to the deck (where we have a table) with cardboard, markers, glitter, and many other things that I didn’t care about.

I asked, “what are you guys doing?”


My daughter said, “I’m planning the lemonade stand and getting everything ready for it!”


I thought “oh… boy!”


After some time being outside working, she came in and told me “Okay papi, we are ready!”


I asked, “For what?”

“For the lemonade stand! I already planned everything so we are good to go” – she replied.


I had to make another excuse FAST!


I told her, “Well… I don’t even know if we have the elements needed for the lemonade stand. We need cups, ice, table cover, a pitcher to mix the lemonade and of course the lemonade powder!”


So, she took off saying… “I will gather all that!”


After a while, she came back for the second time and said “Okay papi. Now, I got everything that we need to make it happen! – Let’s go. Help us out setting up the table”


And when I was about to make up another excuse, she said (using reverse psychology)…


“You always talk about mindset and going for whatever you want to do, you always preach to not give up and keep your goals in front of you, and always motivate us to get better… So, can you help us out?”


At that moment, I knew that no matter what else I said, what other excuses I came up with…


She was determined to do a lemonade stand that day! So, I ended up helping them out!


She was resourceful – no doubt about that!


Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of. - Bethany Hamilton Click To Tweet


I hope this post gives you a little lesson on persistence, motivation, and determination. When you really want something and have those feelings, for sure you will achieve your goal.


By the way, my daughters were 8 and 10 years old when they taught me that lesson.


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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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