The Simple 3 Step Formula To Sponsoring

Do you know how to sponsor people for your online business yet?


If not, I will teach you The Simple 3 Step Formula To Sponsoring!



In this video, I will show you step by step The Simple 3 Step Formula To Sponsoring.


I will break it down to:

1) Make a friend

2) Find a need

3) Use the “irresistible invitation formula


The first 2 steps are very simple to understand and they do not require much of a strategy. But, for the 3rd step, you need to learn how to execute the “Irresistible Invitation” in the right way and everything that comes with it, such as:

  • How to invite
  • How to follow up
  • How to get started
  • How to add people into your private group
  • How to introduce new members
  • etc.


It is VERY important that you learn the 3rd step because, without it, you won’t be able to sponsor anyone (believe me, I’ve been there!)



Click HERE to start learning the “Irresistible Invitation” formula



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