How To Start An Online Business At Home

Are you looking to start an online business at home?


Well, this blog post will tell you what you need to know to get started!


Here comes the weekend…


you open up your computer, fire it up and want to see what are the latest news from your friends in social media.

You interact with your friends on Facebook, you like their pictures, comment on their “heated” debates about politics, you tell them your opinion about a gossip going around, and feel like you are part of their life.

Even if they are miles away from you, you feel like they are sitting on a couch in the house next door.

… the magic of social media!


All of a sudden, you see an ad asking you if you would like to start making money from the comfort of your couch at home, you think “well, that sounds exciting!” You click on the ad and watch a presentation. The presentation tells you that you need to buy a product or system, then get 3 friends to do the same (buy the product or system, and get 3 friends to do the same) then and you ALL will be rich!

You pull out your credit card filled with excitement. Proceed to the checkout page and you buy the most expensive product because the presentation told you that you will make more money doing so. You cannot contain your excitement!


Within the next week, you start contacting all your friends and family members, you explain the product and the compensation plan, you even contact your online friends who reside in other states/countries…

and you are not able to sell even a single one of those products. 🙁


you give it another try …


You connect with more people, talking to them, letting them know about the awesome opportunity, at this time, you show them the same presentation that you watched.

Finally, you are able to sign up one person and it gives you hopes to continue doing it.

But, the person who joined, quickly realizes they cannot do the same thing that you are doing and they quit.

You are disappointed, exhausted, and demotivated. You start thinking that opportunity was a scam, then you quit.


That was your first experience in network marketing and you promise yourself that you won’t fall for that “kind” of opportunities online again.


Few months pass by, then you see another ad that says “Looking to build a business online? We do all the recruiting, selling and telling for you, HOT opportunity just launching, be part of it now!”

You think “oh wow. I couldn’t recruit before and nobody wanted to buy my product or system. This ad is telling me they are going to “tell and sell for me” and it is a hot opportunity!” many people will want to be part of it. I’m going to sign up for it!


So, once again, you take out your credit card, place the order and became part of the new opportunity. You start sharing the news with everyone that you know. Friends, family, acquaintances online…


and nothing happens!


Then you realize that you fell for it again!


This scenario happens all the time to many people. They do not realize that in order to build a sustainable online business they have to do things in a certain way.
They have to do it… In the right way!


So here we go, I don’t want you to end up like the person that I just described in the story.


The 3 steps to start an online business at home.

  1. Find a need in the marketplace
  2. Look for people who have that need or gather them together
  3. Provide your solution.


Is as simple as that.


Here is how. Let’s pretend that you are a dog lover. You are just a dog person who would like to meet other people who love dogs as much as you do.

You KNOW what are the problems dogs have:

  • Hair loss
  • Need training
  • Bugs
  • etc…


And also what they like

  • Toys
  • Playing
  • A loving family with kids


So, you come up with a creative way to gather people around that interest (dogs) by creating a Facebook group.

In there, you talk about all those problems and provide solutions for it (your products or services). Then people get the solution they need for their loved dogs and you get rewarded ($$$) for providing that solution.


You can apply the same concept to a digital online business…
Look for people interested in starting an online business at home, gather them or find where they gather and provide your solution.


What will you need?

  1. A proven system that works (like THIS ONE)
  2. You gotta meet them where they are in their online journey (newbie-expert)
  3. Strategy (money now or money later)
  4. People

It is VERY important to “meet them where they are” you cannot give people advanced strategies when they are just starting their online journey. In the same way, you can’t give newbie level strategies to seasoned marketers. You gotta meet them where they are. That’s why a system like THIS ONE will work perfectly.


About the strategies. There are 3:

  1. Good (time)
  2. Better (time)
  3. Best (money)


The good (time) strategy

Did you notice that I added the word “time” in parenthesis? That is because this strategy will require time. It is called “attraction marketing”. The way to accomplish this strategy is by providing value in the marketplace (value bait), people will get attracted to you because of it and ask you what you do and how they can be part of it. This strategy takes time but works.


The Better (time) strategy.

Similar to the good strategy “attraction marketing” but in this one, you actively engage with people and invite them to take a look at your opportunity using the “irresistible invitation” that we teach HERE. This strategy also takes time but is faster than the good strategy.

I want you to focus on this strategy because it will give you the skills that you need to be able to sponsor people into ANY business that you desire.

Also, it doesn’t require you to spend extra money to get people to take a look at your opportunity.


The best (money) strategy.

This strategy will require you to have money to invest in traffic (eyeballs to your opportunity). There is no faster way than this to get people to see your opportunity and nowadays with most of the social media platforms allowing you to advertise, you can have people joining your opportunity as soon as today!


So, there you go. In this blog post, I told you what most people do to start a business and fail. The 3 steps to start an online business at home and 3 strategies that you can use to sponsor people for your business.



One thing to remember is that nothing will work if you don’t work! So, go now and apply those strategies!



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