Stories Sell, Seriously?

I while ago a was just writing messages without any specific structure…


I didn’t know better.


A few of my mentors told me “If you are building an email list, you have to communicate with them and it’s better if you do it every single day.”

WOW, That sounded like a LOT of work.

Mainly, because I didn’t know where to start!

So I ask “How do I get started with emailing every day, What do I write about?”


Their answer…

Anything and everything under the sun.

If the president is getting hate comments and you like talking about it, send an email.

If there is a crazy weather somewhere destroying houses, write about it.

If you had an “aha!” moment, write about it.

You are getting the idea.

So I got to work…

I started writing emails every day.


The results?

A few people opening them, some others getting out
of my list.



I wasn’t expecting that!

I wanted to KEEP my readers engaged, not SCARING them away.


So, I went back to my mentors to ask them again “Am I doing something wrong?

They answered me “Francisco, you know that Facts tell, Stories sell, correct?”

“I didn’t know that!” – I reply

“You have to write about anything under the sun, but do it in a STORY format, in that way you captivate the attention of the reader and they are already used to it anyways!” – they answered.

“and that’s because since we are kids, everything that our parents teach us is story-based.” – they continued.


“when I was a kid…
once upon a time…
a long time ago…
a while ago…
Remember this phrases? these are the phrases that we hear at the beginning of the story and we pay attention. We are “programmed” for that!” – they continued.

(did you noticed that I used one of those phrases at the beginning of this post)




That was my super AHA! moment!


Right there and then, I understood that my writing will be entertaining and in a story format.

So I did, and my emails got better…

but there were a few more things that I needed to learn because not all my emails were getting opened…

and when I asked people in my emails to do something, they were NOT doing it!


I will be talking about two topics in my post tomorrow.

but for now, I would like to ask you…

Did you know that you if you are building an email list, you supposed to write every day in a story

Let me know your answer.


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– Francisco Hernandez

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