The 3 Basic Elements Every Business MUST Have!

Are you starting a business?


Then you need to know “The 3 Basic Elements Every Business MUST Have!”


They are:

  1. Allow your ads to run 24/7/365
  2. You must have a funnel
  3. You must have a system


I’ll dive deeper into each one of them.


Allow your ads to run 24/7/365

You must have your ads run 24/7/365 to your target audience.

Wouldn’t be cool to have “little workers”- ads, working for your all day, every single day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year without complaining or taking a break?

“Talking” to people on your behalf, and getting them into your funnel?

I bet that you would like that.


You must have a funnel

A funnel is a process that you take your leads to get to know you, what you can do for them, and educates them about your products or services. It must give them certainty and confidence they will be successful.


> This is the funnels software that I recommend <



and finally…


You must have a system

A system that allows your leads to get started fast and with a clear “ascension” path from beginner level to pro. It must be simple and easy to follow and it must give your leads the skills to start generating results.


> This is the system that I recommend <


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Getting a business started doesn’t have to be difficult. But you have to do a little research about it. On this blog post, I have talked about “The 3 Basic Elements Every Business MUST Have!” so that you can use them as a shortcut.


These 3 elements will give you the foundation to start your business in the right way.


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– Francisco Hernandez

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