The 4 Part Basic Funnel

Do you know how to recruit better than your competition?


On my blog post from yesterday, “How To Stand Head And Shoulders Above Your Competition”, I gave you the “blueprint” to do just that.


As a recap the blueprint steps are:

  1. Create a capture page.
  2. Create a video telling people how you can help them
  3. Create a “bridge” page and add the video
  4. Add a link to redirect to your business presentation.


The “better” way to do it is with this 4 Part Basic Funnel.*


The 4 Parts are as follow:

  1. Create a video that introduces you and tell your audience what is coming next
  2. Create a video that presents your opportunity and the benefits
  3. Create a video that explains how your audience makes money with your opportunity
  4. Create a “bonuses” video that explains why they have to join you (what OTHER benefit are they going to get) instead of someone else.


Next thing to do is:
Create a capture page for that funnel and send “Targeted” traffic to it.


Breaking down the funnel


Part 1

Create a video that introduces you to your audience and tell them what is coming next. In less than 3 minutes, tell your story briefly and what is coming next.


Part 2

Create a video that presents your opportunity and the benefits. In less than 5 minutes explain your business opportunity and the benefits your audience is going to get.


Part 3

Create a video that explains how your audience can make money with your opportunity. In less than 3 minutes, explain how your audience can make money with your opportunity, make sure that is clear and easy to understand.


Part 4

Bonuses video. In 3 minutes or less, explain why people should join you instead of someone else in your company. Be creative in this step and if you have anything “extra” that can help your audience achieve their goals, add it here as a “free bonus”.


This 4 Part Basic Funnel is created with the intention of “warming” up the audience to you, to get to know you, to educate them about your business opportunity and to see why working with you will be a better choice than working with someone else.


The nice thing about this 4 Part Basic Funnel, is that it works for ANY business opportunity, it is a better process and you’ll get better results on your company because of it!



If you would like to “see” this 4 Step Basic Funnel “in action” And Join My Opportunity, Click HERE



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  • * I’ve learned this 4 Part Basic Funnel from Vince Reed. He talks about it in his book “Internet Traffic And Leads”
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