The Like, Know and Trust Factor aka Rapport

Have you ever bought anything online from someone?


Most probably you did because you like, know and trust that person or company.
When you trust someone, you would buy anything that person or company would recommend to you because they took the time to build rapport with you.

I have been on the “customer” side. The reason that I have bought from someone is because that someone has taken the time to build rapport with me.

That person has followed up with me for a long time and very patiently.

The other reasons are because this person has been connected with me, answering my questions and giving me free advise.


The person that I’m talking about is Paul Hutchings.


I consider Paul Hutchings my friend, my brother in arms fighting with me “in the trenches”, and my mentor.

Paul has achieved things that I want to achieve. He has traveled the path that I’m traveling right now and he is on the spot that I want to be!


I was having a conversation with Paul. It went something like this…
Note: I’m trying to recall the conversation as close as it went, but I may be off on some lines.


Paul – Francisco, what is it that you want to do with your business online?

Me– Paul, to be honest with you, I would like to build my online business to a point where initially I can generate $600.00 per month passive income so I can have my wife home for the weekends and be able to replace the money that she makes on her part-time Saturdays and Sundays.

Paul – Very good Francisco, that is an awesome goal to get started with. What happens after you achieve that goal? is there anything else in the future?

Me – Of course, my friend! After I achieve that goal, the next one is to be able to generate $6,000.00 passive income online so I can replace my own income from my full-time job and dedicate myself to work from home from the comfort of my house, seeing my daughters grow and never miss any of their activities AND that I don’t have to worry in what part of the world I am, passive income will keep on coming!

Paul –  that’s awesome Francisco. Is there anything else that you want to achieve?

Me –  Yes Paul, I want to be able to contribute to a good cause, I’ve been able to do it a couple times with my daughters. It is called “Feed My Starving Children”. Those kids really suffer because they don’t have good nutrition. Their mothers feed them “mud pies” which is a combination of mud and flour. That saddens me and breaks my heart. My daughters and I packed food for them a couple of times but I want to be able to contribute a LOT more!

Paul – Francisco, those are really good causes and goals and I want to let you know that all that is possible to accomplish!
If you think about it, $600 per month is relative to getting ONLY 6 people to pay you $100 per month.

Paul – I have a “vehicle” that will help you accomplish that and Francisco… Believe it or not, with the same “vehicle” we contribute to the same charity that you love “Feed My Starving Children”. Sounds to me like a win-win situation.

We also have a great community that you can be part of and they can answer your questions.

Paul – Would you like to take a look at the “vehicle” that I’m talking about?

Me – Paul, I would love to take a look at it. Send me the link.


As you can see, a mentor is a person who listens to you, about your problems, about your goals, and he/she suggests the best possible path to take for you to achieve your goals faster.


Paul told me, “Francisco, even if you don’t join me with the “vehicle” that I’m suggesting, I want you to have a solid plan to achieve your goals with whatever that you are currently promoting.”


That my friend, is giving without asking anything in return! – a true desire to help.


I know that I will follow Paul wherever he wants me to go and that I will buy anything that he will recommend to me because I know that his intentions are nothing but the best for me!


This blog post should already open your mind to the possibilities that YOU can make passive income online too. And that a mentor is someone who will help you achieve your goals faster. Your mentor will put you first before any business opportunity and will nurture your relationship for years to come!


I would love to be that mentor for YOU!


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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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