The Missing Pieces…

Have you ever promoted your business and had no results about it?


Yeah, that happened to me too!


I have been a “wannabe” online marketer for a while now (4+ years), and all this time I have been promoting in the wrong way!


I have promoted several things, including:

  • Several Make Money Online business
  • A Roadside Assistance Program
  • A Technology Wearable
  • How-to PDFs
  • Turn-Key systems
  • Tools
  • Etc.


I had little success here and there. But nothing substantial that will help me achieve my goal of generating passive income online!


I struggled to get sells, but I did it and that was a great taste of the possibilities the online world offers.


So, I stopped and asked myself why haven’t I had the results that I want?


…and found the missing pieces!


If you haven’t had any success yet. I want to save you a LOT of time by giving you the missing pieces.


They are:

  1. Target the right person – Avatar
  2. Meet them where they are at
  3. Craft a specific message for your specific audience
  4. After an opt-in, you have the first chance to present your biz-op


I will describe each of those, but for now, I want to give you one of my mentor quotes…


Your job is to find the people who want what it is that you have to offer and then put that offer in front of them and provide them with above and beyond value - Vince Reed Click To Tweet


Okay, let’s start.


Target the right person.

This concept is simple yet, many people got it wrong.
You have to target people who are already interested in what you have to offer. As an example, if you are offering a service that can manage people’s social media accounts, then you target people who have bought or use another similar product.

You don’t want to sell meat to a vegetarian – keep this in mind when advertising.


Meet them where they are at.

This is something that not too many people talks about. But is also important to know.
You need to address people depending on their state of awareness in their online business. Let me explain…


You will talk differently to someone who is just starting their online journey than someone who is already a veteran of a certain industry – correct?


If you talk to the “newbie”, you may have to present them with tools that will help them achieve their goals. Tools such as an autoresponder. Explaining to the newbie that tool will help him/her save time and effort by allowing the software to follow up with their leads 24-7.


If you are talking to a veteran, perhaps that person needs to obtain a different marketing strategy from you which the newbie would not understand at this point of their journey.


Craft a specific message for your specific audience

This concept goes hand in hand with the concept that you won’t sell meat to a vegetarian.


So, if you are talking to an audience about “funnel hacks”, you are NOT going to offer them an online store. It would not make any sense.


So, make sure the message in all your funnel is congruent and promotes relevant products to your audience.


After an opt-in, you have the first chance to present your biz-op.


This concept is often overlooked. When you offer something in exchange for a name and email address, and people opt-in, you have your first chance to introduce your biz-op to those people interested.


You do it by “adding” your biz-op in the thank you page!


Most people just say “thank you” and nothing else. You can start promoting your biz-op right away after someone opts in for whatever freebie that you are giving them.


Do not underestimate the power of the “thank you” page!


Those are the missing pieces that I found on my personal marketing. I hope they help you with yours!


Also, I mentioned that I’m in the process of creating passive income online and I want to give you some pointers about that too because is related to this topic.


Concept 1

You take the same amount of work promoting one tool, system, biz-op than any other.
I.e. You take the same amount of effort/work promoting MCA- Motor Club Of America than OSP – Online Sales Pro.


Concept 2

The amount of money that you make depends on the “thing” that you are promoting.
THIS concept is the one where most people fail. So, please pay attention…


Let’s pretend that you want to make an extra $500.00 per month online.

You are promoting MCA AND OSP.


How many sales of those products will it take you to make $500.00?

MCA pays $80 ONE TIME. So, 500 divided by 80 = about 6 sales per month to get an ONE TIME payment of $500.00

OSP Pays $20 ONE TIME (the company came up with a lifetime deal where people only pay $40 one time and the affiliate gets about 50% commission). So, 500 divided by 20 = 25 sales per month to get an ONE TIME payment of $500.00


With this model, you will NEVER make passive/residual income and you have to produce sales every single month in order to generate those $500.00 commissions.


That’s why I’m being smart and I am promoting THIS opportunity where I can get $100 commissions per sale for as long as the person stays on the system and because the system is based on value, most people stay for a long time…

This creates a nice residual/passive income for me every single month by doing the work ONCE!

I.e. I want to make $500/Mo. Residual/passive. How many sales do I need?  – 5!  =)

That will give me $500.00 EVERY month, if I want to make $1,000.00, then I promote the opportunity to 5 more people.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid every single month for the work that you do once?


If your answer is YES, then check THIS opportunity and start your $1 trial to find out what is it all about!


You’ll  thank me later!


“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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