The Power Of NOW!

Have you been dragging your feet and piling up lots of “to do” list?


There is nothing scarier than a responsibility not taken care for a long time!


There are times when we want to leave things for later.

We know that leaving things for later will give us trouble in the long run, but we do it anyways.

We don’t care…


I’m in charge of washing clothes at home, and I usually do it on the weekends.

My wife has suggested several times to load a bunch of clothes every day and it will be easier for me when the weekend comes. – I haven’t listened to that advice yet and sometimes we do things together as a family on the weekend and the clothes don’t get washed!


Now, just imagine…


I have DOUBLE the amount of clothes to wash for the next weekend!

… and I pray to God that we don’t have any family activity so I can do laundry. LOL



The “Power Of NOW” tells us to do things in the present moment and not to leave things for later.


If you do a task immediately, your brain will be at peace (not worried about finding time to get it done later) and the task will be executed.


Are you thinking to water the plants but feel lazy? – Do It NOW!

Are you feeling like you want to decorate your house? – Do It NOW!

Are you an internet marketer and want to place an ad on Facebook? – Do It Now!


Do not wait until the moment is “optimal”, you will be waiting forever.


Are you planning to start an online business? Do It Now!
HERE is the one that I recommend.



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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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