Where There’s A Wheel There Is A Way!

Are you constantly coming up with excuses and not getting things done?


Some people work a full-time job, do their chores at home, fulfill their responsibilities as parents AND still have time to go the extra mile to build an online business with the little spare time they got left!


I know of LT Turner Jr who has been plugging into the replays of the  “Think And Grow Rich” morning calls because his job requirements don’t allow him to attend live.

This morning calls, help people like LT Turner Jr “condition” their mind for success. In this calls, we study the principles of success.

In the call, people “recite” a manifesto that is part of the culture.


LT Turner Jr wanted to be there and read the manifesto for the community and he was so determined to do that. No excuses will stop him to achieve that goal.


So, he crafted a plan for it.

Since LT Turner Jr cannot be on the live call, he recorded himself reading the manifesto, contacted the host of the call and send him the recording.

The host played LT Turner’s recording in the morning call!



When you really desire something…

Where there is a wheel, there is a way!



If you “tune in” to this calls, the mindset you’ll create will help you overcome the excuses that you make.




Join Paul, Mike and our entire community of freedom crusaders live each Monday through Friday morning at 9 AM EST for the live production of our daily mastermind audio.

Live: 712-432-0900 Access:  565762#


Catch the replays HERE



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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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