Are you behaving like everyone else and you don’t have your own voice?


I’m NOT. I’m unique!


Over the weekend I took my youngest daughter to watch the movie “Justice League”. It was a pretty cool movie that we enjoyed.

Explosions here and there, sad story, happiness, tears, smiles, feeling good, feeling sad, and all those great things that you can only experience in a movie theatre.

of course, let’s not forget the popcorn and soda.  😉



But before the movie started, we were “stuck” at watching the previews of the new movies coming up.


One of them really called my attention (because of the “eye of the marketer”*) it was the movie “The Greatest Showman”.

The reason this movie called my attention is because of the “punch” line Hugh Jackman says:


“You will never make a difference by being like everyone else!”



…which reminded me of all the people online who are part of a company and promote their product or service like everyone else!

They use the same post, the same message, they even post it in the same Facebook groups (competition of “who screams louder”)

Some of them even go “low” by posting in the comments of another post who is having engagement just trying to “steal” interested people from those who did the work.



Nowadays, nobody cares to learn the right way to promote (which you can by going HERE) and therefore, people who look at that information realize they will be promoting in the same way if they join and they want nothing to do with that!


Those people will have very low chances of success or they will have to work (scream) harder than the rest of their peers if they want to have results.


Learning how to promote in the right way will be your advantage!


So, my advice to you is to be unique in your advertising and invite people to take a look at your opportunity in the right way (learn it HERE). You won’t have any competition whatsoever because there is ONLY one YOU!

Use THAT to your advantage and when everyone is going left, you go right!


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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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*The “eye of the marketer” is developed when you are constantly “looking” how marketers promote all around you.

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