What are you starving for?

Do you know that a person does not only live from food for the body and faith for the soul but something else?


Let me elaborate…


It’s a beautiful day and you are working, you are moving around, walking, carrying stuff, picking up and putting down files, and “consuming” energy from your body.

Your body will be in need to replace that energy consumed…

So, your tummy starts “growling”, you know that you need to consume food to satisfy that “craving” of energy that your body is asking for.

The growling goes away after you eat, you start feeling better, more energized and can start focusing back on things that you were doing.

This food craving happens every day!


How do you feed the body?
With food!





When you are feeling low, sad, empty on the inside…

You are not yourself. You feel like you are a “stranger” in a different world, that nobody understands you, that nobody cares to hang out with you.

Something happens around you that gives you a “glimpse” of what your life could be. You start believing that you can make that happen. You start working towards it even if the circumstances are not “ideal” for its attainment.

You have Faith!

That faith fills your soul. Gives you motivation, you feel love, you feel that you can do anything, you feel great. Every day you thank “infinite wisdom” for the gift of life. You are blessed!


“Faith is like radiation, you cannot see it, you cannot touch it, but you feel their effects so you know they exist!”


How do you feed the soul?
With prayer!



I have now covered the 2 things that YOU are craving for!


But wait! there is one more…


The one that we haven’t talked about is the craving of the mind!


The mind “craves” for knowledge.There is the knowledge that will guide your mind to doom or to riches.

You must feed this craving with positive thoughts, with creative thoughts, with imagination.

You must be a good steward of your mind.


“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!” – Napoleon Hill



So, the question now is, How do you feed the mind?


I’m glad you asked!


You can start by reading!

Since we are talking about feeding the mind in the right way – being a good steward of our minds, I will suggest some books that will help you:

Outwitting the devil
You Were Born Rich
The Science Of Getting Rich
Think And Grow Rich



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When you have this “trilogy” taken care of. Food, Faith and Mindset, YOU are at your “optimal” performance level.



Word of caution…

People tend to overlook the power of the mind and therefore not feed it with substantial content. Your mind could start focusing on the “bad” and the results will be that your surroundings match your mindset.


Let me close this blog post with a few questions…

Have you ever woken up and start thinking from the “get-go” that day is going to be a nightmare?
You step in a pointy thing that hurts your foot, you put your clothes inside-out…
you have a bad day all day long!





Have you ever had a day where everything is falling into place?
You’ve been talking to this guy/girl who finally accepted to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, the day seems brighter than usual, you are feeling happy, you are counting your blessings, you feel great all day long!





So, my question to you now is…

What MINDSET are you going to be cultivating?



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“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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