Your Time Will Come – Be Patient

Do you know what is the problem with the new generations?


They want everything ALMOST instantly!


Let me elaborate…


We (the older generations) used to go to Blockbuster (Remeber the store?) to rent movies, buy some popcorn and soda, drive back home and then watch the movies with the family.

The new generation. They open Netflix, choose a movie and hit “play” – “immediate” reward


We used to go grocery shopping, drive to the store, grab a shopping cart, cruise down the isles to grab what we need, head to check out and then drive back home.

The new generation – They open up a web browser, type their favorite grocery store, select the items they need, add them to the virtual shopping cart, pay, then have them delivered to their front door.


We used to have fun going to the electronics store and “test” new gadgets on our way to the TVs section. Then we try several TVs until we decide (with the help of the salesman) which will be the best “experience” for us (not for our budget). The store staff will bring it out to the front of the store, we will load it into our car and drive home excited to put it together and start watching!

The new generation, they open up Amazon in their computers, go to the TVs section of the website, select a model, check the reviews, and then proceed to check out. The Amazon store will deliver the TV to the customers front door.



I hope that you see now how the new generation has some advantages over us. But, we still have something that will give us more advantage OVER them!


That advantage my friend is PATIENCE!

We endure, we take our time, we are patient!


If we have issues in our marriages, we deal with it with the help of patience. We work it out, we seek professional help, we take things slow…

The new generation, they file for divorce right away.



I can give you TONS of examples (because I’m patient) but I will make this blog post as brief as possible.



When you (old generation AND new generation) start building an online business…

Sorry to break it down to you. It Takes Time!

You have to acquire new skills AND practice them.



You have to get an autoresponder tool that will help you follow up with your leads automatically.
You need to learn how to use the Autoresponder. You need to learn how to be consistent creating emails. You need to know how to create “campaigns” and add those emails that you created in there. You need to constantly come up with “topics” to cover in your emails.

It Takes Time – Be Patient!


GetResponse is the Autoresponder that I recommend, It has a 30-day trial.


Example 2:

You have an Autoresponder ready to follow up with your leads. But you don’t have any!


Now, you need to learn how to create a “lead magnet” to attract those leads or to master “the irresistible invitation” process so that you can generate leads. 


To be able to create a “lead magnet” you need a software like Leadpages. Which will help you obtaining names and emails from people interested in your lead magnet and deliver it. (Money Later)

Leadpages have a 14-day trial so you’ll know how it works and you can find out if you like it. Get your 14-day trial HERE


Here is an example of a lead magnet page that I created with Leadpages. It offers a free training, when people opt-in I get a lead, then I deliver the training with Leadpages as well. Very easy software to use!



To be able to generate leads by mastering the “irresistible invitation” you need to get access to the “Home Business Academy” and watch the modules below: (Money Now!)

There is a 14 day trial for $7 (which is a very affordable price to be able to learn that VALUABLE skill, do you agree?) Get your 14-day trial HERE and go through those modules!


It doesn’t matter if you are part of an old or new generation, patience is the KEY to make anything work. You gotta stick to it. Your time will come – Be patient!


Here is the quote of the day, Be sure to share it:

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much!” – Jim Rohn


“Do something every day that will help you get closer to your goals!”
– Francisco Hernandez

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